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The Open SourcePLATFORM



Web admin/final user interfaces, mobile app are provided as "white-label". You can create your own platform with your company's brand using our APIs/libraries or adding/modifying the code of MOVENS.


MOVENS is planned to be compliant to international requirement about privacy. Compliance with the GDPR, for example, is the default configuration in the platform. A complete anonymisation (complete, partial, scheduled on a time range) can be adopted for each role/user in reports, statistics, invoice history, operative management interfaces. In the structure of the databases, sensitive data is logically separated from the one used in the business logic.


The team of MOVENS considers the security as an intrinsic feature of the code, not a policy to apply. Frequent audits, continuous integration and deployment check scripts are at the base of our security philosophy. Furthermore, the “many eyes” approach to the code is fundamental for the security and the quality of the code. Potential problems can be fixed immediately, when discovered, before they occur.


MOVENS infrastructure is independent from proprietary platforms. The standard deployment is on a Kubernetes/Dockers CLUSTER environment. It works both in “on-premise” or “cloud” systems. It offers some important features and advantages:
  • Automated horizontal scaling of services (pods)
  • Automated recovery in case of service failure
  • Automated rolling deployments for seamless software releases
  • Continuous development, integration, and deployment.
  • Optimal resource allocation and isolation
  • Environmental consistency across development, testing, and production.
  • Cloud and OS distribution portability.
  • Loosely coupled, distributed, elastic, liberated micro-services.


It provides the possibility to use external credit card payment gateways with a customized pricing policy and invoicing creation. Complete outsourced third parts services can be linked to the platform (e.g.: Zuora).


Real time reports and statistics are created on the basis of data generated by fleet use, trips, reservations, energy consumption...
Many of the fundamental entities patterns are important for the tuning of all the services offered by the provider in terms of costs and quality.