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The Open Source Hub of the


MOVENS has been designed as a smart city services manager.
It covers all the layers involved in the concept of a smart city: physical devices, connectivity, services.
It implements an open and cutting-edge technology in each service layer.
The goal is a complete integration of all kind of entities involved in a smart city project. In other words, MOVENS provides a tool to manage an advanced IoT scenario where each actor can use this technology to integrate his own device/service/application into the smart city environment.
Due to the philosophy under which the MOVENS platform has been created, in every small step of the entire path, a new entity can be integrated.

A pictorial view of a smart city scenario

The services, communication and transport layers in a smart city scenario.


We think that the starting point of the smart city future is the Smart Transport or Smart Mobility and all the services/utilities around it. We consider the Integrated Mobility as the basic concept of Smart Mobility. In its first release MOVENS implements a logic for the smart mobility.